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Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

Sonicare toothbrushes, toothbrush UV sanitizers and accessories are cleaning systems not only help you remove plaque, whiten teeth and kill germs, they also provide you with an environmentally responsible oral care health system. Philips Sonicare is dedicated to the development of sustainable products, which improve the lives of their customer’s. Aside from following eco-friendly policies, Sonicare is also one of the go-to brands for dentists and dental hygienists across the country. They recommend Sonicare brushes to patients in the hopes of enhancing their at home oral cleaning regime. Sonicare toothbrush sonic technology is modeled after the tools used in dental offices. This dynamic cleaning action helps reduce plaque build-up along the gumline and the high-powered bristles work hard to deep clean in-between your teeth.

Oral Care

The Sonicare Flexcare is clinically proven to eradicate plaque and the bacteria that cause gingivitis. All Sonicare brushes including Advance, FlexCare, Elite, Xtreme, Essence and HealtyWhite series, feature sonic technology that helps remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains while also whitening and brightening each individual tooth. Sonicare also manufactures personal oral care brushes for those with sensitive teeth and gums. If toothbrushing has become synonymous with pain, then be sure to check out the Sonicare Xtreme and FlexCare sonic toothbrush series. Additionally, studies have shown that Philips Sonicare sonic products are kind on veneers and implants. Remember that Sonicare also carries replacement brush heads and toothbrush accessories for all of their sonic toothbrush models.